If your product stops working for no fault of your own then that's on us. We will warranty the repair of any defects in the material/workmanship from the date you physically receive your product for 2 years.

Warranty does not cover any consumables (e.g. tyres, inner tubes, grip tape, handlebar grips, brake cables, paint, etc). It’s also voided under:

  • normal wear and tear
  • surface or cosmetic damage
  • if it shows signs of misuse or handling contrary to instructions (e.g. exceeding max. rider weight, riding through standing water, etc)
  • if it's as a result of an accident/reckless behaviour
  • not following correct maintenance/storage procedures
  • if you can't show original proof of purchase

Battery is covered against manufacturing defects but does not include regular degradation of battery capacity and performance. We will not warranty against water ingress in the motor due to riding through standing water.

You will not void warranty if you repair your TAUR in the following ways:

  • Tyre changes (including inner tubes)
  • Brake Pad & Disc Changes
  • Wheel Replacements
  • Brake Caliper Replacements
  • Brake Wire Replacement
  • Rear Mudguard + Light Replacements
  • Stand Pin Replacements
  • Grip Tape Replacements
  • Fork Insert Replacements
  • Handlebar Grip Replacments
  • Fold Locking Pin Replacements

In all other situations the work must be carried out by an approved TAUR Care partner, or exemption must be sought first from TAUR.  If you don't use an approved TAUR Care partner, warranty is voided and it is at TAUR's discretion whether we provide any further assistance.

Warranty is non-transferrable.


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