Where can I buy Taur?


Taur is only available on taur.com for purchase in mainland USA and mainland UK.

For more info on delivery, click here.

Why no suspension?


Not only is suspension heavy, but it's only really useful if, like other scooters, the front wheel is tiny. Consider how rare it is seeing a bike around town with suspension.

Our wheels are 12.5" and include some chunky, low ride pressure, Continental® tyres for optimum cushioning. We also have a ride position that is further back compared to other products which alleviates pressure on the front wheel and reduces the need for suspension in the first place.

Why not solid tyres?


It's true that solid tyres can't get punctures. However, riding on them is uncomfortable. Most air-filled tyres, by contrast, are equally as bad because they are made using thin, cheap rubber and lack puncture-resistance.

For TAUR™, we partnered with Continental® – the best tyre brand in the world. By choosing a truly roadworthy tyre designed to fit an electric scooter, we get the best of both worlds. The internal Kevlar belt gives us phenomenal puncture-resistance and plenty of cushioning on rough surfaces.

What is TAUR's maximum rider weight?


TAUR can carry almost all riders but our max weight for standard performance (acceleration, speed, range and hill-climbing) and for our warranty to be valid is 100kg (220lbs).

What is TAUR's maximum rider height?


We've tested TAUR with riders between 5' 2" (157cm) and 6' 5" (195cm) and it suited all of them fine.

As for the strength of the foot platforms themselves, we've done a good few rounds of load simulations and the member of our team who worked on the platforms has a PhD on 'The analysis of stresses in metal structures'. We've been iterating on them for just under a year to make sure they're as perfect as perfect can be.

Can you take Taur on a plane?


Unfortunately, the answer is almost certainly no. Electric scooter batteries far exceed the limit of even the most generous airlines (100Wh for the stricter airlines, 160Wh for the more chilled). Our batteries are 400+Wh.

Any electric scooter that's allowed on a plane probably isn't worth buying.

Can I buy spare parts / accessories?


Yes, we will have spare parts available soon. If you need particular help, get in touch at hello@taur.com.

We've tried to use as many 'standard' parts as possible, such as our Continental tyres, or our disc brakes, so you should be able to find them from other places too (e.g. bike shops or online).

Can you add a phone mount?


Yes. We've tested the Quadlock's Out Front Mount – works great :)

Are the batteries replaceable?


In the case of technical issues or degradation, an approved Taur technician can replace them.

To dive into the detail a little more, our Battery Management System (BMS) is constantly monitoring the battery to make sure it stays happy and healthy in all environments and states of performance. That alone will extend the life of your battery considerably. Going further, our BMS will also allow us to notify you if there are any issues, including when your battery capacity has permanently degraded.

The battery is not designed to be rapidly removable by customers though. Some e-bikes have this feature because bikes are big and can’t easily be moved around indoors but Taur doesn’t have this issue.

Will you be introducing different colors?


Eventually! For the foreseeable future Taur will only be available in off-white.

For those going off piste – vinyl wrapping or spray painting – we can't wait to see what you do!

Does Taur come with any other accessories?


You can see exactly what TAUR comes with on our homepage or in the "what's in the box" section of our full specifications.


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