Ride On.

Say hello to the first-generation electric scooter from TAUR.

All electric

The quickest way around town without breaking a sweat.

Dual braking

Synchronized disc and regen brakes.

240° surround headlight

Powerful main beam visible from most angles.

Smart storage

Fold, carry and store securely.

Continental® tires

Great on a car, let alone a scooter.

Eye-level lighting

Projection light that illuminates the rider’s back.

Handles like a boss

Dedicated foot platforms give you the most stable ride position.

12.5" wheels

The largest wheels in its class.

High intensity brake light

Clear communication with other road users.

The smartest ride in town.

Built for roads.

Even at night.

The best of both worlds. E-bike stability with kick-scooter portability.

Almost like I was riding a moped or a bike.

A godsend on the pot-holed bicycle lanes of NYC... guaranteed to make a huge difference to rider comfort.

Not only do the large tires offer a smooth ride, they also allow you to compete with cars and bikes.

Being 2-3x wider than standard e-scooters, it provides significantly improved stability and traffic awareness.

...hardly resembles its competitors.

Designed for stress-free commuting.

  • TAUR’s unique foot platforms fold out from the central frame and provide a place for the rider to stand. You ride facing forwards, just like on a bicycle. This keeps you stable, comfortable and gives you unparalleled road awareness. And all that on top of two 12.5" Continental® tires – the largest you can get.

  • TAUR is far more secure than the typical electric scooter. It comes with dedicated locking points for using a bike lock, and can also be locked with an RFID smartcard (or the TAUR app).

  • It may be built like a tank, but TAUR's lightweight aluminum frame weighs just 37.6lbs / 17kg. Perfect for a quick carry up stairs or onto a train.

  • No need to clutter your hallway. TAUR's elegant upright form will fit into the tightest corner of the tiniest apartment.

  • A single shower uses as much energy as an entire week of commuting on TAUR. All this with zero emissions, and made with 90% recyclable materials.

virtual showroom

top speed

24 mph


20 miles

Recharge to 80%

2 hrs

Designed to own.

The smallest storage footprint of any e-vehicle.


Say goodbye to bike racks and parking– TAUR tucks into tight spaces anywhere.


Compact enough to fit inside the trunk of a Prius.

Dedicated lock points

You can physically secure TAUR by passing a lock through the frame and wheel. Lock points on both front and rear wheels.

Access control

TAUR can't be ridden by anyone. TAUR is unlocked with a tap of a wireless keycard, or using the TAUR app (iOS, Android).

Easy to maintain

With standardised components, TAUR is designed for wear and tear to be fixed in your local bicycle repair store.

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TAUR is made in
Los Angeles...

In limited batches to ensure high quality.

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$ 82 /m

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Standard dispatch time is usually 1-2 weeks. We ship via FedEx 3-5 day delivery.

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$ 995

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Standard dispatch time is usually 1-2 weeks. We ship via FedEx 3-5 day delivery.

TAUR comes with

1x battery charger

Compatible with standard power outlets.

2x RFID smartcards

Share access, or have a spare.

Assembly toolbox

All the tools you need in one place.

Assembly manual

Easy-to-follow product explainer.

1x Spare inner tube

So you can get back on the road ASAP.


Subject to availability.

Latest Reviews


– average rating

Love this product so much! It has transformed my commute into an enjoyable part of my day. Will be buying a backup once they’re back in stock


Trevor A


Excellent product… more stable than my previous one and rides nicely over potholes in New York. Well done


Joe P


Love it!


Rachel M


This thing is getting serious attention in London. When I'm stopped at the lights people are always asking me what I'm riding. Can't wait for Summer! What a stunner!


Ted N


Very impressed overall. Some teething issues but you’re getting there.


Jess B


Totally aside from the product, your commitment to customer service (despite the transatlantic issues) has been superb. Couldn’t be happier to have started my electric scooter journey with you guys. You’ve always been there for me, no matter the issues. 👏


Manny K


Delivery was late and box heavily scuffed. I like the scooter


Ron S



Joshua J


I took it out for a spin today. It is AWESOME! First impression: It's extremely well built. Robust AF. It's a tank with afterburners. I saw other electric scooters on the road with me and couldn't imagine myself feeling as safe as I did on the Taur.


Max O


Love that I just pulled it out and didn't have to assemble anything. Great job Taur! Even at 6'5", it scoots me down the road no problem and even handles some pretty big hills.


Brett W


The biggest awards in industrial design.


Can I try the product within the 14 days?

Yes, you can! Terms apply.

What is included in the 2-year warranty?

If anything goes wrong that isn’t your fault, we’ll fix it, and pay any associated shipping costs. The warranty does not cover any of what we call 'consumables', e.g. tyres, inner tubes, grip tape, handlebar grips, brake cables, paint, etc.

Full details here.

How long does delivery take?

In the US, our standard delivery is FedEx 3-5 working days, shipping out of Los Angeles, California. West coast customers typically wait 1 or 2 days, while delivery to the East coast typically takes the full 4 or 5 days.

In the UK, we offer overnight delivery with FedEx.

Once we dispatch your order, we will send you tracking details.

Where do you ship to?

TAUR currently ships anywhere in mainland USA, and will soon ship to mainland UK as well (excl. NI, islands). The reason for not shipping to remote states/islands is to ensure we can offer reliable and high quality aftersales service to our customers. We hope to expand availability in due course.

What is TAUR's maximum rider weight / height?

TAUR is designed for riders between 5' 2" (157cm) and 6' 5" (195cm). People smaller/bigger than that certainly can ride, but you may find the experience sub-optimal.

The scooter can carry almost all riders. However, for our warranty to be valid, and for standard performance (acceleration, speed, range and hill climbing), TAUR’s maximum rider weight is 100kg (220lbs). That's just under 16 stone.

Why no suspension? Why not solid tyres?

If you consider road bikes, pretty much all of them have large air-filled tires, which makes the need for suspension redundant. TAUR uses that same philosophy.

Not only is suspension heavy, but it's only really useful if, like most scooters, the wheels are tiny.

TAUR partnered with the best tire brand in the world. We use 12.5" Continental® tires – the biggest tires you can get on a portable electric scooter. They are designed to ride at low pressure for optimum cushioning and grip.

Yes, it’s true solid tires can't get punctures, but riding on them is uncomfortable. TAUR’s Continental® tires have an internal Kevlar belt that gives us phenomenal puncture resistance. And if worst comes to worst, 12.5 inch replacement inner tubes/tires are available in many bike stores and online.

What can you do with the TAUR app?

Set speed limits, lock/unlock the scooter, record your trips, share access with friends and family, and upgrade your scooter software.

More features arriving as soon as we build them!

Is the battery removable?

No, the battery is not designed to be rapidly removable by customers. Some e-bikes have this feature because bikes are big and are often left outdoors.

In the case of technical issues or degradation, an approved Taur technician can replace them. To dive into the detail a little more, our Battery Management System (BMS) is constantly monitoring the battery to make sure it stays happy and healthy in all environments and states of performance. That alone will extend the life of your battery considerably. Going further, our BMS will also allow us to notify you if there are any issues, including when your battery capacity has permanently degraded.

Grab life by the horns.

0 units remaining.

From $995 or $82/month. 14 day returns. 2 year guarantee.


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