The first true electric road scooter.

The First True Electric Road Scooter

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TAUR is the first high performance electric scooter designed for life on the road. It surfs through city streets and makes commuting and short trips a blast.

Face It

The safest way to scope the road is facing forwards. TAUR’s foot platforms give you a dedicated standing space that’s 2.5x wider than a typical scooter deck.

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Flip And Go

The fold-down foot platforms are made of an aluminum alloy covered with a high-grip foot surface. When you're done, just fold them up and you're good to go.

Hit The Road, Not The Deck

Potholes are a thing of the past thanks to our 12.5” kevlar-reinforced, puncture-resistant Continental® tyres. Impressive for a car, let alone a scooter.

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All Style... And Substance

TAUR has a simple, elegant frame. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, it's robust, lightweight – and fully recyclable. The automotive-grade paint job is a matte powder-coat. It keeps things subtle, sophisticated and durable against marks and scratches.

Brake It Down

TAUR's front brake is a variable regenerative brake, so you're charging up while slowing down. The rear brake makes use of that beautiful 140mm hydraulic caliper disc for stopping on a dime.

Ready To Perform

That hill you hate to walk up is a thing of the past thanks to our 500W motor in action. You have a top speed of 24mph (39 kph) and a range of 22 miles (35km).

Cruise Control

Use the 5-way thumb-controlled joystick to set cruise control, sound the horn, change performance modes, turn lights on/off and more.

Light It Up

TAUR™ comes packed with a 300 lumen Cree® LED headlight. The high-power directional beam provides great visibility. Frosted side layers make you visible from 240°.

Night Rider

In addition to an 80 lumen brake light, TAUR has a separate 100 lumen rear-projection light that shines a light onto the rider's back. So all eyes are on you – no paps please.

Come Rain Or Shine

Don't let a bit of rain spoil that joyride. TAUR™ has an IP55 rating (pssssst, that means it works in the rain) which means you can Mary Poppins your way through town without a care in the world.

Keep Calm And Carry On

Folding TAUR is effortless, the kick-actuated handle unlocks the frame to clip safely into a steel support in just a few seconds, and at only 15.5kg (34lbs) you can carry it anywhere.


High performance doesn't stop when you arrive. We've carefully considered the best way to store TAUR, secure it, and get it ready for your next door-to-door.

Sometimes TAUR, Always Decor

Store TAUR vertically with minimal footprint thanks to our specially designed bullhorn handlebars.

Charge Up And Charge On

TAUR comes with a 150W charger to power up our high performance batteries up to 3x faster than normal electric scooters.

They’ll Need A Bigger Chainsaw

Park stress-free by running a lock through the frame and wheel. You can set a security alarm too so anyone moving TAUR will get a lot of unwanted attention. Lock not included.

The Fort Knox Of Scooters

TAUR is secure and rideable only to people you grant permission. Simply tap your key fob or use the app to unlock via bluetooth.

TAUR In Your Pocket

Keep it moving with charge check-ups, over-the-air updates, and much more through the TAUR app. Available on Android and iPhone.


Foot Platforms

35cm total width

Max Weight

Up to 100kg (220lbs)

Wheel Size

12.5 inches, pneumatic


Continental®. Kevlar-reinforced, puncture-resistant.

Front Light

300 lumens Cree® LED, 240° visibility

Rear Lights

80 lumens LED + 100 lumens Cree® LED

Top Speed

24mph / 39kph


22m / 35km


5-way functionality


RGB ring with integrated OLED

Ingress Protection

IP55 (water resistant)


15.5kg (34lbs)



Lock Points

Through the frame and wheel, front or back

Digital Lock

Key fob or TAUR app via bluetooth

App Platforms

Android and iOS

Charge Time

0-80%: 2 hours
0-100%: 3 hours


TAUR White only

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All purchases include

2 Year


If something goes wrong with TAUR and it’s not your fault, we'll make sure you’re back on the road in no time. Every purchase is covered for 2 years.


Taur Care™

Repair Network

TAUR's designed to be servicable at any standard bike repair store. One of our partners will be there if you need help.


30 day


If you don’t like the product for any reason, we will accept it back for a full refund – no questions asked. And yes, reasonable wear and tear is OK.



Test rides will be available soon. Request a demo and be among the first to try TAUR near you.

TAUR Care™

We're building an international repairs network.

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