14 Day Returns

Much like the design of TAUR, we choose to do things that put riders first. We believe in TAUR and we want you to see how great it is for yourself – with low risk. So, we hope to alleviate any concerns you may have by offering a 14-day money back guarantee.

If you're not happy with TAUR then you have 14 days after you receive the product to notify us of your intention to return it. It is your responsibility to ship the product back in good working order.

We certainly accept reasonable wear and tear – it wouldn’t be much of an experience otherwise. That said, we reserve the right to refuse a refund if we see serious evidence of neglect upon inspection.

TAUR must be returned in its original box to ensure the safety of its contents. If you don’t have the box we’ll do what we can to help, but be aware that this could result in extra cost. In addition, your scooter should arrive at a TAUR facility within 30 days of your notification of intent to return.


The returns process breaks down into a couple of options: 
  • You handle the return yourself, start to finish.
    • TAUR will provide a shipping address and you will ship the scooter back in its box safely.
    • Subject to TAUR receiving your scooter safely and passing inspection, TAUR will deduct a technical evaluation, repackaging and warehousing fee of $30 from your refund.
  • We help you. We typically charge $60 shipping for new orders and it’s unlikely customers will be able to get such preferential bulk shipping rates. TAUR is willing to provide this rate to customers as well in the case of a return. So, the full charges would therefore break down as follows:
    • Either you drop the package at our courier’s collection depot OR we arrange courier pickup at a time/place of your choosing for an extra pickup fee of $20.
    • Subject to your scooter passing inspection, TAUR charges you $60 for shipping and a $30 fee for technical evaluation, repackaging and warehousing.
    • Having deducted all fees, TAUR will process your refund. 


The process and fees are the same except, for option 2, the shipping costs will be £20 (instead of $60).


The process and fees are the same except, for option 2, the shipping costs will be equal to the cost of delivering it to you from the UK in the first place (this will be different for each customer). In addition, you must drop the package at our courier’s collection depot (you will not have the option to organize a pickup).

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