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Fold and go


10 second fold

Taur’s twist and fold mechanism, collapses the frame and locks it in place in a matter of seconds not minutes.


Good to go

It may be robust, but Taur’s lightweight aluminum frame weighs just 37.6 lbs (17kg), so stairs and storage are no problem.

Compact and discrete


Vertical storage

No need for a two car garage, Taur’s vertical storage means it fits into the tightest corner of the tiniest apartment.


Big wheels, small frame

Taur has been designed to collapse into a streamline form factor that is perfect for moving on the go.

Charge rapidly from any outlet

Battery Management

0-80% in < 2 hrs.

Taur uses high quality battery cells that are constantly monitored for peak performance.


Need more juice?

Any power outlet is a charging station in-waiting. Wherever you are you’ll be powered up in no time.

Additional security


Digital key

Taur can be unlocked with a tap of the wireless keyfob or keycard.


Frame locking

Taur can be secured by passing a lock through the frame and wheel.

Product updates

Automatically upgrade to the latest firmware to get the latest safety, security and performance updates, and new features. iOS & Android.

Easy to maintain

Taur is made from many standardized components. Parts such as tires and inner tubes are widely available and can be changed in under 5 minutes.

Local servicing

Taur is the first electric scooter compatible with the world's bicycle repair shops.

Built from easily replaceable modules, any local technician can get you back on the road.

Product overview


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