Ride Features

Forward Facing


Foot Platforms

Taur’s dual ride position increases stablity with a deck that is 2-3x wider than other e-scooters.

Traffic Awareness

Forward Facing

Full visibility instills ride confidence when navigating traffic and the road ahead.

Automotive-grade tires


Continental® 12.5 inch tires

Glide over all terrains with Kevlar-reinforced Continental® tires that are nearly twice the size of other brands.

Grip & Comfort

Air cushion

Taur’s air-filled, puncture-resistant tires conform to the road surface for maximum grip and ride comfort.

A frame that instills confidence


All metal

Taur has a lightweight aluminum frame for robust, rattle-free riding. It's 100% recyclable too.

Color & Finish

powder coat

The auto-grade matte paint finish makes Taur highly durable against marks and scratches while remaining subtle and sophisticated.

A to B with no range anxiety


9/10 of trips

With a range of up to 20 miles, the vast majority of round trips in cities are within reach.


Choose your mode

With uncapped speed and acceleration, Taur will get you 15 miles. But with a sensible power reduction, range extends to approx 20 miles.

Power on


Let's goooo!

No more hopping up hills. Just hit the throttle for instant power that turns a 40 minute walk into a five minute joy ride.


Quick stop

The regenarative front brake charges Taur when you slow down, while the rear hydraulic disc brake provides responsive stopping power.

Lighting that turns heads

Front / side lighting

High-power beam

Taur comes loaded with a 300 lumen Cree® LED light plus frosted side layers for a full 240° of visibility.

Rear lighting

Projection light

In addition to an 80 lumen rear light, a projection light shines onto your back making you fully visible at eye-level to drivers.

Control at your fingertips


5-way joystick

From flipping performance modes to sounding the horn. It’s all accessible from Taur's omni-directional joystick.


Digital Dashboard

Check your speed and range at a glance on Taur’s integrated OLED display.

Product overview


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