TAUR vs. UK electric scooter fines

Introducing #PayYourFine

It’s currently illegal to ride your own electric scooter on UK roads. TAUR believes this is shortsighted, and that they should be legalized for road use immediately.

They’re an incredibly green form of transport and riding them costs about a penny a mile. They help solve both the climate emergency and the cost-of-living crisis. And it’s worth noting the UK is the last country in the G7 to legalize ownership.

The offer

As a TAUR customer, if you get stopped and fined riding TAUR, keep a scanned copy of your Traffic Offense Report or Penalty Notice. Send that to us with proof of payment and we'll reimburse you. If the police take your TAUR away, all you need to do is send us a scanned copy of the confiscation report and we'll get a new one out to you.

The proof

In both cases we'd love a selfie with the officer! Be kind – they’d rather be solving real crimes too. Generally they’re following orders of a higher-up who has sent them out on a 'sting operation'.

What we don’t stand for

UK law actually *incentivises* people to ride electric scooters on pavements/side-walks, which makes no sense whatsoever. TAUR takes road safety seriously, and we strongly discourage riding on pavements/side-walks.

We also advise staying within the UK e-bike speed limit too – 15mph. And we’re not fans of anti-social riding either. Basically, just ride respectfully.

We aren't telling you to break the law, because we aren't responsible for your actions. All we're saying is that if, like us, you believe that getting to work on a zero emission, insanely efficient, low-cost vehicle can be done safely, we’ve got your back – and we’ll put our money where our mouth is.

As long as your citation is not for pavement riding, running red lights, breaking a speed limit, or endangering a member of the public (usually issued for riding too close to pedestrians), we’re on your side.

Stay safe, be cool, and enjoy your new found freedom!


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