The road-ready electric scooter

An award-winning
ride position.

TAUR is the first e-scooter you ride facing forwards, just like bikes and cars. With its fold-out foot platforms your stability and road awareness is transformed.

The power you need.

TAUR has a top speed of 24mph and can blast up hills. Stop on a dime with hybrid dual braking.

XL Continental® tires.

Potholes are a thing of the past thanks to our 12.5” puncture-resistant tyres – the biggest on the market.

90% of urban trips within range.

TAUR has 15-20 miles of range, depending on your speed and acceleration settings.

Charge 0-80% in 2 hours. 0-100% in 3.


Know your speed and range from the integrated OLED display. The 5-way thumb joystick lets you sound the horn, change performance modes and more.

Innovative lighting.

Aside from its wraparound front beam, TAUR has a rear light that projects up your back for full head to toe visibility.

A frame to instill confidence.

TAUR's all-metal frame feels robust. The auto-grade matte paint finish keeps it sophisticated and durable.

Flexible around you.

Set speed limits, record trips, share access – and more. Upgrades and new features will arrive over-the-air.

Coming soon: Android app, GPS tracking.

Lightweight and compact.

TAUR weighs only 37.6 lbs (17kg). It fits in the trunk of a Prius too.

More secure than a bike or car.

TAUR stores vertically so it can tuck out of the way indoors. It also unlocks with an RFID key/app and has two dedicated bike lock points.

Product overview

Hit the road.
Order now for $1,495 (excl. tax)

30 day returns. If you don't like it, send back for a refund. Terms apply.

2 year warranty. If something goes wrong we'll fix it. Learn more.

TAUR Care. TAUR is engineered for bicycle repair shops. Learn more.

What are people saying?

– TechCrunch

"Very cool... almost felt like I was riding a moped or a bike."

– Electric Scooter Guide

"The rideability of an e-bike with the portability of a kick scooter."


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