Meet TAUR...

The electric scooter built for the road.

Potholes are a thing of the past thanks to TAUR's Continental® tires – the biggest on the market. TAUR also has a unique forward-facing ride position that transforms your road awareness and stability.

Stylish yet practical.

TAUR is designed for your entire lifestyle, whether you're carrying upstairs (36lbs), packing in the trunk, locking up outside, or storing elegantly in the tiniest apartment.

Engineered to last.

TAUR is a rugged vehicle – built to last years. It's also designed to be fully repairable by any bike mechanic in the world.

"The perfect electric scooter doesn't exi..."

– Electroheads review


"Almost felt like I was riding a moped or a bike."

Electric Scooter Guide

"Rideability of an e-bike, portability of a kick scooter."


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