Why face forward?

Why face forward?


Until recently, electric scooters had been based on a ‘kick-scooter’ design – essentially an electric adaptation of a toy made for kids. The narrow 'deck' is a clear hangover from the skatepark days, when your only source of power was kicking with your leg at the side. It forces the rider to twist their body, standing with one foot behind the other.

So, when someone had the bright idea of adding a motor and a battery, all they did was make an unstable design much faster. They never considered how fundamentally unsuitable the design was for riding around a city.

A different ride position

TAUR's wider, lower, side-by-side ride position makes you incredibly stable and secure. The wider you stand the more stable you are. The lower your centre of gravity, the more you act as ballast. Innovative, right? Well, kind of. Facing forward isn't controversial in the world of transportation design. Think about bikes, motorcycles and cars. 


Riding TAUR feels intuitive. You can turn your head easily in either direction for maximum traffic awareness and with just a small shift in weight to either side, you get a flowing, effortless turn. Add to this the ability to easily bend or lean to avoid (or burn over) whatever obstacles are in your way.




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