Why I ditched public transport for the TAUR Electric Scooter

As a former public transport commuter, now that I have a TAUR electric scooter I can honestly say that I will never go back. I have experienced a newfound sense of freedom and flexibility in my daily travels. Here are just a few reasons why I ditched public transport:

1. Travel on Your Schedule: No More Waiting for Trains or Buses

Gone are the days of rushing to catch the train or waiting for a bus – I can now leaveon my own schedule. And my ETA is just predictable as if I walk… except I arrive atmy destination five times faster.

2. No More Overcrowding

Say goodbye to overcrowded trains and buses– especially during hot summers. My ride is cool and comfortable with no needto squeeze in with other passengers.

3. No More Public Transport Issues

We all know the feeling of cancellations, delays, line closures, strikes– or when your Uber cancels.  I love that my e-scooter is my own personal vehicle, and that it’s always ready and available to go when I want.

4. Easily Able to Transport, Store and Secure

My scooter is also very easy to take around town. It folds and can be stored in a compact upright form, out of the way. Plus it’s convenient to carry around with me when entering the office or going up and down flights of stairs. And if I can’t bring it indoors, it has dedicated bike lock points and can be disabled with an RFID smartcard.

5. Beat the Traffic

Traffic can be a nightmare, especially during peak hours. With TAUR I can easily navigate through traffic and avoid the congestion that plagues cars and buses. Also, while a lot of scooters aren’t built for the road, that’s the whole point of TAUR - it’s incredibly stable and literally has the biggest wheels you can get.

6. Eco-Friendly

Did you know that with the batteries for a single electric car, you can make 250 electric scooters? I feel good knowing that I am doing my part for the environment instead of taking public transport or driving a car (even if it is electric). No toxic emissions. Incredibly energy efficient. And cheap!

7. Affordable

I can commute eight miles daily for a month and pay less than $1 – proving that energy efficiency is both eco-friendly and affordable! Plus, I don't have to worry about buying it outright thanks to the monthly financing package, which costs less than my train pass.

8. Low Maintenance

TAUR is built to last and requires minimal maintenance. With regular checks and maintenance, it will provide me with a reliable and long-lasting mode of transportation. It can also be taken into a bicycle repair store making repairs easier than ever.

9. Stylish

Let's face it, it’s about as stylish as e-scooters get. The sleek and timeless aesthetic really does turn heads.

10. Fun to Ride

Lastly, and most importantly, TAUR is just fun to ride – especially during a hot Summer. It's a cool and exciting way to get around and makes even the most mundane commute feel like an adventure.

I can confidently say that TAUR has changed my daily commute for the better. It has given me the freedom, flexibility, and reliability that I never experienced with public transport. If you're looking for a better way to travel, I highly recommend giving TAUR a try.

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